Since its inaugural meeting in 1970, the Society for the Social History of Medicine (SSHM) has pioneered inter-disciplinary approaches to the history of health, welfare, medical science and practice. Consequently, its membership consists of those interested in a variety of disciplines, including history, public health, demography, anthropology, sociology, social administration and health economics.

The Society has an active Programmes Committee which organises at least two conferences per year, the results of which were originally summarised in the Bulletin of the Society for the Social History of Medicine (1970-87). As interest and membership in the Society grew, the Bulletin evolved into Social History of Medicine (1988-), a journal published by Oxford University Press, and The Gazette, an accompanying newsletter reporting on conferences and other relevant news.

In 1987, following a number of Society-sponsored publications, SSHM also launched a series of edited volumes, currently published by Routledge under the title Studies in the Social History of Medicine. In 2001 the Society decided in conjunction with the publisher to accept single-authored monographs for the series as well.

Though primarily based in the United Kingdom, the Society has always had a thriving international membership, and Social History of Medicine has continued to expand its international coverage, reflecting the growing number of subscribers who are outside the UK.

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